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A Salute To Oilfield Workers

Masters of Money LLC - Oilfield Sunset Photo

Everything humans use that isn’t consumable, comes from mining or drilling. Everything we use is a commodity. To get coal we mine it. To get gold they mine it. To get water they drill for it. To get oil they drill for it.

Oil is a worldwide commodity that is crucial to everyday life. Millions of people work in, invest in, write about, provide products and services to, educate about, partner with, trade with, go to school for, try to get into, are interested in, or are in some way shape or form a part of the global oil industry.

Before oil became big business, it was sopped up by rags and squeezed out into buckets, for various basic uses. Overtime, starting with the first commercial well drilled in America 150+ years ago, to Spindletop, the Texas oil well the industry was built on, through today, the industries unspoken motto has been- “Deeper, faster, cheaper and more!” Overtime, onshore shallow wells turned into deeper onshore wells, which turned into offshore drilling, which turned into lateral wells, and so on and so forth.

The innovative, hardworking, get the job done oilfield workers that won’t quit until the job gets done, who risk bodily injury on a regular basis and have to spend most of the year away from their families, is truly remarkable.

If the past is any indication as to what the future will hold for the oil industry, expect to see the impossible made possible. The oil industry has brought to the world some of the most revolutionary ideas, concepts and inventions that any industry, including high tech, have brought to market.

Whether you’re for oil well drilling, against it, or somewhere in between, you have to admire the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the great men and women of the oil industry. There’s an old saying about the oil industry that’s held true for over a century. When the oil industry has a problem, how do they solve it? They drill through it!

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