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8 Steps To Follow To Get Exactly What You Want

1. Find out exactly what you want.   2. Find out “why” you want it. if you have a strong enough “why” on why you have to have it, that it becomes a “must”, and not a “should”, you will get it, or at the very least get damn close to it!  3. Challenge yourself to get it.  4. Take the…

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4 Million Plus Picture Quotes Are Coming Your Way Soon

At the beginning of the year, Masters of Money bought out Getty’s entire picture quote collection. We just finished updating, restoring and improving the collection. Over the next few months, we will be posting/displaying the entire newly updated picture quote collection for you. We hope you like and benefit from the 4,000,000+ picture quotes that are coming your way soon!…

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Useful Career Seekers Advice

Useful Career Seekers Advice: These 5 industries will always be in demand in one way or another. 1. Food: People have to eat. 2. Healthcare: People get sick/want to prevent sickness/want to improve their health. 3. Defense/Emergency Services: People need protective/supportive services. 4. Energy: Without a steady supply of energy, everything stops. 5. Real estate: Real estate will always be…

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The Ultimate Tax Advantaged Investment For 2015

October marks the start of the 4th quarter and as the end of the year draws closer, investors are starting to look at where they’re going to invest their money to best reduce any tax burdens and position themselves for 2016. As the 4th quarter gets underway, investors are starting to focus on how to best reduce 2015 tax liabilities…

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