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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Compilation 4 of 5 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Compilation 4 of 5 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson:

“You want to create a moment where I simultaneously look like a hero, I look compassionate, and I look Presidential. A transition to the future leader of the country move. That’s ballsy. I heard you get a lot of your ideas from superhero movies and pro wrestling. Is this one of those ideas?” Gavin Newsome

“Hug your kids’ man. You never know. They might act like they don’t want your hugs to be cool, but they do, and you do. Hug’em up bro!” Lebron James

“Mikey! It’s your boy Matthew calling from deep in the heart of Texas to see how life is treating you up there in Vaginia. Call me back when you are ready to talk to somebody cool.” Matthew McConaughey

“I don’t think they understand how absurd they are. As hard as they try to trip me up, they end up being nothing more than a little extra clerical work. Paperwork speedbumps on the road to big things.” Elon Musk

“When they don’t like you, they will go through your entire life trying to find something to get you on.” Brian Heberlig

“Angry at nothing shit stirrers get triggered at anything you say. You could have all the facts backing you up, but it does not matter to them. The worst torcher I can imagine is having to live life filled with all that anger inside like they have.” Vincent Gallo

“As a woman I feel like I have some leeway to use the word hysterical when it is deserved. That said, I want to be politically correct, so since I would be talking about a crazy woman, I think it would be better if I used the word hysterical instead.” Kristi Jennings aka Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“Everyone is focused on whether the cup is half full or half empty. My question is what is in the cup? A half full or empty cup of piss ruins the whole argument.” Gary McKinnon

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and mother earth is the biggest woman there is. Do we really want to keep pissing her off?” Meredith Brooks

“Money is about to not exist. “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby” 2.0 will be, “It’s all about the crypto baby.” Kanye West (Ye)

“Until you know how someone is behind closed doors, you do not really know them.” Tarica Hubbard

“I can still run Masters of Money while I am pregnant. I built a support team around me that can keep the ship headed in the right direction even when I am not in the office every hour of the day.” Tarica Hubbard

“Say that you are willing to waste millions of taxpayer dollars because you are petty, without saying you are willing to waste millions of tax dollars because you are petty. This shit is comical.” David Boies

“The lyrics from two songs answer this question. “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved,” and “Do like Sexy Leroy, and leave the bitch alone.” Kanye West (Ye)

“Yeah, I might be “ran through,” but your loser ass will never be good enough to “run through” me.” Jenna Jameson

“Jean Claude Van Damme says kick the problems out of your life.” Jean Claude Van Damme

“Fallacy! F a l l a c y! Fallacy! Fall a cy! One more time for the dee dee dee’s. Fallacy!” John Wheaton

“Hi MJ. This is Eddie. I heard you are a big fan of our band Pearl Jam. I want to invite you to come see a show. You can tell me why your Stuxnet virus fucked up our tour many years ago. What type of alcohol to drink? We are going to get royally fucked up share stories.” Eddie Vedder

“Hi. This is Eddie again. Don’t make any plans for the next day. We are going to be too hungover to function. Okay, bye then. Eddie Vedder

“I believe I owe you an explanation as to why I chose MJ and his team. I asked everyone I know who the best in cyber is, and they all said without hesitation, “MJ The Terrible”. I have only heard good things about you from you. When you are the best, you don’t have to say it. Other people will say it for you. Thank you for your time.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“Book smarts does not necessarily equal emotional intelligence. Book smart learners can be drama queen Jezebels from hell. Well-rounded individuals are those that have both book smarts and emotional intelligence.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Now that you know that you can improve. Most life lessons cost, so you should feel lucky you got this life lesson for free.” Ryan Anderson

“It was an attempt at a relationship, but it turned out to be a relationshit at best.” Lakshmi Devi

“She must have a broken switch because home girl is stuck on stupid.” Lakshmi Devi

“I believe in people after they prove themselves. I believe in people before they prove themselves as well, but I believe in them from a distance. You understand.” Brittany White

“If you want trust, this is the price. No force. Voluntary choice.” Pier Berlusconi

“Information is only worth anything if you trust the information source.” Jen Easterly

“Thank you for my grandbabies galore. I need all of this love at my age.” Jeanne Johnson

“Don’t mess with us Gen Xers. We don’t play.” Matthew McConaughey

“The Boring Company is not boring. Boring creates safe, fast-to-dig, low-cost transportation tunnels.” Elon Musk

“We good man. We really fucking good.” Marcus Jennings

“Fuck the takers! Praise the makers!” Marcus Jennings

“I am a big boy. Big boys go to school. Don’t cry mommy. Look at my muscles. I will make it.” Cash Michael Johnson

“Today is the day to make the changes in your life that you want to see reflected tomorrow.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“If you are rich, famous, or rich and famous, you are a high value target and you need to cover your ass. Apex predators are out there, and they will try to stick you for your paper.” Marcus Jennings

“Jackass and the internet go together like black guys and fat white women. This crazy uptight world could use a good laugh right now. Would you be interested in helping us make a Cyber Jack Ass movie? I can see it now….Jack Ass and “MJ The Terrible” present….”Cyber Jack Ass The Movie.” If you agree to help us, I will let you punch me in the face as hard as you can. Are you interested?” Johnny Knoxville

“If i don’t t does not apply, let it fly.” John Stone

“I don’t care if someone wants to throw their life away. It is their right to do so. I do care if someone who wants to throw their life away selfishly burdens those who don’t. Everyone needs to stay in their own lane and leave everyone else the fuck alone.” Big J. Kosta

“Emotional interpretation of fact is not more important than fact itself. Feelings are important to those who care about you. To everyone else, facts are what rule the day.” David S. Cohen

“When I was 10 years old a recession ruined our family. We lost everything. The pain that recession caused my family motivated me to want to become so rich that a recession could never ruin my life again.” Daniel Kozlowski

“I am considered a top-level security professional because I can neutralize threats and impose my will on a chaotic situation.” Mr. Pete

“I am going to school today. I am going to play and play and learn and play. I will tell you about when you come get me later. I love you big as the moon. Bye Daddy!” Elizabeth Grace Johnson

“Loyalty begets trust, begets money, begets you write your own ticket. You’re my boy MJ. What can be done to make your family’s lives better?” Former President George W. Bush

“He who does not learn from the lessons of the past, is he who will learn the lessons from the past in the present.” Former Director of CIA Gina Haspel

“Action oriented individuals and organizations are individuals and organizations that achieve. Simple as that.” Former Director of CIA Leon Panetta

“One size fits all solutions are temporary solutions. But if you can establish a one size fits all temporary fix, you can expand it to include more individualized options.” Former President Barack Obama

“What I say in public and how I say it, is by choice. I am accomplishing a goal. Naysayers can say whatever they wish about me. I will start listening to them when they have accomplished more than I have, otherwise known as never.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“Do not refer to that as food for thought. Food for thought refers to reasonably intelligent thoughts. What you just mentioned could only be referred to as junk food for thought.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“When people say, “Money makes the world go round.”, what they mean is, money is a way to influence and control society. Money is not just a piece of paper.” Former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner

“If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, we have to be ready to defend against attacks from all Mars and Venus thinkers, as well as all thinking points in between.” CISA Director Jen Easterly

“Believing in climate change is like believing God. You don’t know for sure, but just in case they are real, you believe.” 1st United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

“No one interferes with business as usual. When they do, and it is rare, we shut it down. Here is your check.” Former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner

“Here is how much I appreciate and value you and your team. I accept all your terms and conditions, no questions asked. Where do I sign?” Governor Gavin Newsom

“Sometimes we have to pass the test to prove we have what it takes to handle what God has instore for us.” Joel Osteen

“Trust brings peace.” Dallas Billington

“Savanna told me she couldn’t find the card for a get-well gift Bronny got. I looked at it to see if I could guess who might have sent it. I knew it was you from the jump. Only you would send that. Savanna was pissed at first man until she saw how it made Bronny laugh. Cedars Sinai hospital still pissed though. What a mess! Thanks bro. You my boy for life White Mike Johnson.” Lebron James

“I’m sure they want that, but sidestepping due process could cost them the end result that they want, and they definitely don’t want that.” Brian Heberlig

“I will not be giving up today. I am going to keep right on powering through until I get it done.” Tarica Hubbard

“Yeah, I’m pissed off about it. If that is how they are going to treat me, it is time for me to channel my inner Gordon Gekko and add billions more on top of what I lost by being soft.” Carl Icahn

“If you want to get something done, send a sigma male to do it.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Women are a double-edged sword. On one side of the sword, women are more malleable than men. On the other side of the sword, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Bro, that is how it is and you can ask is.” Chris Hubbard

“I can admit that I probably would have been a bitch to you no matter what when I was your CAS (Court Appointed Supervisor). I wanted to be an agent, but they forced me to babysit you instead. I was salty about it. In retrospect, you only partially deserved it. So, I partially apologize for how I treated you.” Brittany White

“I am in the best shape of my life. If I was in this good of shape back when we fought in the Walmart parking lot, I would have killed you. Timing is everything. Now we are friends and I protect your family.” Brittany White

“Making excuses will keep you on the losing side of the equation. Fighting fire with fire, using your enemies’ own tactics against them, can put you on the winning side of the equation.” Lloyd J. Austin III

“You want to have sex with Malia in a SCIF (pronounced skiff)? There is no such thing as top-secret sex. Do you just want to do it to say that you did it or what?” Lloyd J. Austin III

“No, nope, nay, nah, uh un, negative, nada.” Malia May Johnson

“Smart enough to know that something can exist if I haven’t seen it or know about it.” Jeff Dachis

“The horseys are running fast. Run horseys run!” Elizabeth Grace Johnson

“I am going to call you Dad. Daddy is what little kids say.” Cash Michael Johnson

“The capabilities of AI are going to create a world we won’t even recognize 50 years from now. A true to life version of the Jetsons. Interesting times are ahead.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“Everything in life is a risk, but Candace was a good bet. When you find that rare special unicorn woman, you marry her as soon as possible.” George Farmer

“Yes! Fun! We will have a rad time.” Elon Musk

“The older I get; the higher peace of mind goes up on my priority list.” Ben Dupont

“I have suffered like Job and succeeded like Hilton. Life extremes, but life well lived.” Gene Rockefeller

“Whoa. More like wow! We are going to build some shit together my new compadre.” Ron Wright

“MJ, I want to stay on board. This is a fun place to be. Is it okay with you if I stay until I want to retire?” Peter Gil

“We’ve got our social media platform back and more. What, is it business Christmas or something?” Kevin M.

“Our followers didn’t drop off. We have a loyal following. They love us and we love them.” Kevin M.

“I was nervous about getting married until I realized Marcus and I were quasi married for years before we were legally married.” Kristi Jennings aka Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“I can’t make the world a less fucked up place, but I can make our home a peaceful loving place. I will be a good wife. I guarantee it!” Kat White

“At home I practice happy king, happy kingdom. At the office, I am the fucking boss and you’re fired!” Tarica Hubbard

“I can’t think. I am going to go jack off at home. I need post nut clarity. I will be back in an hour or so. Is that fucked up to say? Pretend I said I have a doctor’s appointment. Thanks man.” Kevin M.

“Cinco de Drinko is in full effect! Viva le Mexican independence! Let freedom ring and Tequila flow bro!” Rafael Novales

“Rest while you tell me that. Pull up a piece of couch and rest while you tell me all about it.” Malia May Johnson

“Somebody says something stupid like that, I look at them Martin Lutherly like this.” Adam Gregs

“We are at 100 My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson. What I have learned from the quotes are that you can learn a lot by listening to smart people.” Kevin M.

“Cash! Do not do that again! I am not your mother, but I love you like you are my son. You will mind me! Be a good boy. Play nice.” Franny The Nanny

“They seem less like law enforcement and more like TMZ every day.” Brian Heberlig

“Investigations before actions people. Unthorough and sloppy investigations lead to such a large amount of wasted time and money on the backend.” David Boies

“Our A.I. bot army is going to take over the internet. Then I will rightly take my place as Queen Pin of the Internet.” Tarica Hubbard

“You don’t have to take a conventional route to success. Unconventional routes will get you there. Sometimes the only route is the unconventional route.” Matthew McConaughey

“If you need to, challenge the status quo and get where you need to go.” Matthew McConaughey

“If you can see where the other side is coming from you can use that perspective to help steer the situation in a more positive way.” Ben Dupont

“The compounding of lies, lies on top of lies, will unravel at a certain point. The application of pressure creates the unraveling point. That is why the pressure is applied, to get to that unraveling point.” David Boies

“Haters are trapped in their own negative perception of reality. A prison of the mind. What inner torture they must feel.” Becca Olson

“No matter how bad it looks, you can begin small and keep going.” Chris Gardner

“When you speak the truth, God honors that.” Franklin Graham

“Goody. Goody. Organic Gumdrops.” Hannah Henderson

“I’ll be back after a quick shit, shower and a shave.” Captain Ray Lutz (You have been gone from this world for 6 years my friend, but you have not been forgotten.)

“I loved Kevin! There are so many memories I have of him. Our family has so many memories of him. Kevin has been in MJ and I’s lives for almost our entire relationship. Even our kids call him Uncle Kev! He is irreplaceable! We love you Kev and will never ever forget you!” Malia May Johnson

My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Compilation 5 of 5 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson –

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