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Spotlight: Tarica Hubbard Partner @ Masters of Money LLC

Tarica Hubbard Partner @ Masters of Money LLC Graphic

Tarica Hubbard is a partner @ Masters of Money LLC and an honorary member of “MJ The Terrible” & Team Digital Death (LTD) AG.

I consider Tarica a close friend, and she is married to one of my best friends, Chris Hubbard.

Since joining Masters of Money LLC 7 years ago, Tarica has helped to grow the company’s revenue from $5,000,000 a year in 2016, to $375,000,000 a year in 2023.

Tarica is an incredibly talented business leader. She is indispensable to the company, and I know of no other person who has a potentially brighter future ahead than she does.

Tarica Hubbard, you are one in a million, and I couldn’t do it without you!


Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

Tarica Hubbard Quotes

“If it never happened, then nobody knows. It’s a nothing situation.” Tarica Hubbard

“Luck has something to do with success, but to put “luck” on your side, you have to work hard, invest time, invest money, and other factors.” Tarica Hubbard

“Seriously? Everything is personal if you are a person!” Tarica Hubbard

“I mind that you don’t mind.” Tarica Hubbard

“Fuck words. Show me by your actions.” Tarica Hubbard

“Actions speak louder than all other forms of speaking. Everything you will ever need to know about someone you can learn by watching their actions.” Tarica Hubbard

“Anything worth doing should be planned.” Tarica Hubbard

“We are not in the business of selling dreams. We are in the business of selling solutions and opportunities.” Tarica Hubbard

“That is a tomorrow problem I will be leaving here at the office until I walk in the door tomorrow.” Tarica Hubbard

“No more half assing it. We do full send at this company.” Tarica Hubbard

“Patriarchy or matriarchy. It doesn’t matter. The cream would rise to the top of any archy.” Tarica Hubbard

“Until you know how someone is behind closed doors, you do not really know them.” Tarica Hubbard

“At home I practice happy king, happy kingdom. At the office, I am the fucking boss and you’re fired!” Tarica Hubbard

“I make a million dollars a year, but I feel like I’m a loser. Am I messed up in the head or mega driven?” Tarica Hubbard

“Chris is my family now. I love the Patel name, but I am Mrs. Hubbard. Go ahead and remove the Patel from my business cards. Thanks.” Tarica Hubbard

“I wish they would identify as hard workers and do their job.” Tarica Hubbard

“A billion-dollar idea is a wokeness app. The app would help a person with traditional values understand and communicate with a person with woke values. Let’s look into it. If it hits, billions. If it is a no go, no harm no foul.” Tarica Hubbard

“Look forward, not backwards. Looking back at your past experiences can help you, but make sure you stay focused on your future.” Tarica Hubbard

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